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About Admission Notices is the online service provided by team of young and dynamic professionals having lot of zeal and enthusiasm to radically revolutionize the process of diseminating and seeking admission, simple and easy. The office
is locatd at B2/5 Annapurna Nagar Colony, Opposite Vidyapeeth Road, Varanasi(U.P.) This venture is being conceived and promoted by a group of leading professionals having rich and diversified experience in the areas of management, technology and various other allied areas and senior educationists of the country whose common objective is to spread wide awareness among the students community regarding admission information and the process and procedures. The founders have dedicated their lives to the cause of betterment of the students community and has been more of a social service initiative for the students community. The founders have very strong financial support from the various leading corporate houses of India and abroad.

The promoters promoted this admission notices portal with the sole objective of facilitating the community of students and their family members in taking a judicious decision regarding admission and in taking an informed decision of admission in various engineering, medical, dental, management and various other institutions of different states in India and abroad. The promoters of the portal have strong background in conducting training programme on motivation, communication skills, career aptitude, counseling, job interview and other soft skills.

Overview: Admission Notices is Asias's and India’s largest portal on information pertaining to admission to various courses career opportunities. It provides various updated informations regarding admission processes and procedures for facilitating the admissions progcess. it spans over a wide range of information on admissions after +2. It aims in providing all the information like fees, deadlines, availability of application all at one glance. It is thus a vital Indian educational portal which leads you to all available career options, a comprehensive list of all colleges and universities (government and private) with details such as campus, course information, student services etc. It provides concise and complete information to every aspiring student about Indian colleges, universities covering Post-graduate and Graduate careers in Management, Computers, M.PHIL., PHD, Engineering, Medical, B.ED, M.Ed, Law, CA, ICWA, CS, MBA, MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBE, PGDCA, MDS, PGDHRD, PGDBM, BBA, BCA, Polytechnic and others - making it the most comprehensive Portal on Indian Education as well as for education in foreign countries.

Need of the Hour : Over the years educational institute both private and government aided have come up to provide the students with professional courses. But there exists no single, systematic or regular source neither in print nor in the electronic media where all information relating to admission in various career courses such as Eng, Med, Law, IT, Arts etc are available. Student and the parents are all the time worried for timely access to such news. In this bewildering maize the importance of consolidated source of information has been greatly felt. The need was further augmented during our various activities in schools and colleges. Finally a market survey emphasized on the urgent requirement for a centralized database of information on admission opportunities. We have been conducting random surveys amongst students of various public schools and colleges regarding Admission options available at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The following conclusions were found: There is a lack of awareness of various admission options available to students at a single source. No professional career counselors are available/approachable by the students. Thus, a website was conceived to cater to the needs of wide range of individuals linked with education.

Our Target Viewers : The target viewers of this site are the young students from +2 levels to post graduate level who are looking for admission to career courses in conventional and distance education and their worried parents, professionals, educationists and head of schools, colleges, Universities at large.

Genesis: On one side there are more than 5000 courses and branches offered in numerous Indian Universities and more than 20,000 other higher educational institutes .The student does not have easy access to these institutions or the courses provided by them including the admission procedures involved. Hence a student is left in a confused state running from post to pillar in choosing a right course, at a right time, in a right institution. Many a times a student gets the relevant information only after the due date for admission has lapsed. This ends up in losing one or more crucial years of a student’s career hence leading to repentance throughout the life. In other instances students/parents invest a large sum in daily newspapers/ magazines/ agencies but still do not get the information well in time. This often results in financial strain and mental stress. In this the team of enthusiastic professionals engaged in educational field by providing training, counseling and guidance to number of aspirants for various prestigious courses since 1996 on all India level basis started student’s career Monthly ezines “Admission Notices” in hard copy from Jan’2000. Since then it is being published from Delhi uninterruptedly on monthly basis. With the success of the ezine, it was felt that the readers will be more benefited if the information is available on the portal apart from the print media. This was done to cater to the growing need of our readers for regular updates on admissions on a daily basis rather than a monthly basis. However, the students who do not have access to the internet in the far flung areas in India /abroad can acquire the information through the monthly ezines.

Our Objective : To help the worried students /parents by providing timely consolidated information on admissions. To create awareness on various educational opportunities and courses that are available. To provide the students & parents with information daily with the rapidly changing education scenario around the world and centers of learning and excellence. To provide news related to students views on education and their aspirations.

What we Provide ?

Information on admission to different Courses, Branches on all India bases after Senior Secondary School level. Details of Indian Universities, colleges and institutes.

This covers : name, address, courses, eligibility , how to apply, important dates and other details Access to more than 10,000 institutes, which are offering courses after plus two. Information on Distance education offered by open Universities. Scholarships provided by Indian Universities, Institutes and other private organizations.

Admission opportunities available to NRI students interested in pursuing higher education in India Information on Central and State governments educational policies. Institute profile, Student digest, University and Board news, career watch. Interactive sessions with senior educationists, Directors, Principals, Vice Chancellors, Policy makers etc.

Future Plans : The future plans for the portal is to do pioneering work in the area of educational technologies and to effectively utilize and leverage the power of internet technologies to create an interactive environment for all individuals in the field of education and to make the journey of getting education a pleasure. To help the students to update their knowledge and to keep them informed, We also intend to continue taking professionals to the educational institutions to conduct lectures and workshops along with promoting the site.

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